Rest in Peace Nienke Arts


We received the intensely sad sad news that on September 9th 2015 our teacher Nienke Arts (1978) has passed away. Beloved Nienke, you taught the Zomer Yoga classes with grace, humor, strength and wisdom. You said you doubted your teaching skills, which in our eyes was so unnecessary, because you were great! Of all people, we wanted yóu to teach our classes and we’re so grateful for your hard work. Dear Nienke, we hope you’ll find the peace of mind you were looking for <3

Zomer Yoga in August

I will be leaving for Thailand in August and September, to receive more yoga training and to come back with a lot of new inspiration for you! Due to my absence, the schedule will look a bit different in August.

Nienke Arts will be teaching on Mondays and Wednesdays in August (starting August 3rd and ending August 31st) in park Brakkenstein from 19:00 – 20.15 hours

In case of bad weather on Wednesday, Nienke has an indoor option (click here for map) Nienke combines classical yoga positions with inspiration from power yoga, ashtanga yoga and the five Tibetans.

She focuses on breathing while standing in various yoga positions which she puts in a certain order, all together making a flow in movement. Sometimes including breathing exercises at the end of the class, before meditating. Mostly given on music, but when doing yoga outside focusing on the natural sounds of the wind, birds and the river, besides the focus on the breath. Nienke did a three year teacher training and went to India and I’m happy she is willing to teach @ Zomer Yoga Nijmegen for us!

The classes are for all levels. Don’t forget to register for Nienkes classes if you want to join. Classes take place when the weather allows us and with at least 4 yogis.

Now available: Zen by Sen sustainable yoga wear


I’m so proud to tell you that on June 5th Zen by Sen, our new webshop, was officially launched! When being on the mat (almost) daily, I wanted to be able to switch between pairs of leggings, preferably sustainable ones, made out of recycled materials. I found that the leggings in The Netherlands were either organic, but then in just 1 colour, or very colorful, but then not sustainably produced.
And I wanted both. This is what happened next. Lees verder

Let’s go outside!

Zomer Yoga NijmegenHet nieuwe seizoen Outdoor Zomer Yoga Nijmegen gaat van start en wel vanaf 11 mei aanstaande. Dit betekent dat we vanaf dan elke week 4 lessen buiten hebben, op verschillende plaatsten in Nijmegen. Allereerst het geliefde park Brakkenstein, het startpunt waar het allemaal begonnen is. Vorig jaar kwam daar de Waal bij en nieuw dit jaar is het Goffertpark. Verschillende plekken dus, met ook verschillende soorten lessen, die voor iedereen te volgen zijn. In de ene les ligt het accent meer op kracht, in de andere les meer op flow en de derde les is weer rustiger. Voor ieder wat wils dus.
Kijk hier voor het exacte rooster



fresh ghee before it solidifies and turns yellow

Centuries ago, the Ayurveda already mentioned that Ghee is “out of all oils fit for human consumption, the best to eat”.

Ghee has a cleansing effect, lowers cholesterol, boosts the immune system and promotes general vitality.

So what it this Ghee then? Lees verder

New class – Strong Core Yoga

Strong Core YogaIn February, we will start with two extra classes: a Strong Core Yoga class on Tuesdays from 20.15 – 21.30 and a Flow Hatha Yoga class on Wednesdays from 20.15 – 21.30 hours. The Flow Hatha Yoga class is the same as the one on Tuesday at 18.45. The Strong Core Hatha Yoga class is new. Having a strong core can really boost your practice and has many benefits. Lees verder

Dry Skin Brushing for Beauty & Health

dry brushingHere is another fast, cheap and effective way to take care of your body, inside and out! Before I jump in the shower in the morning, I use a natural brush to get my system going and to help my lymphatic system to remove toxins from my body. Next to oil pulling, dry brushing is another powerful ayurvedic way to keep your body as healthy as possible. Here is how it works. Lees verder

Oil Pulling

Oil PullingThe first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is walk to the kitchen, take out a spoon and scoop a spoonful of organic virgin coconut oil into my mouth. I keep it there for at least the next 20 minutes before I spit it out again. Why would you do that?? Well, let me tell you about the concept of oil pulling and its benefits.
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Three things to love in November

yoga_movemberNovember is the month known as Movember, where men grow a moustache to give men’s health more attention. Speaking of health, November is also the month in which many people catch a cold or the flu.  Next to that we spend a lot of time indoors. So let’s have a look at what we can do in this November to stay healthy and to get a new energy boost. Three things I love this November.

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