Wooow we’re going to Ibiza! Yoga Retreat: 2-8 October

It is finally going to happen, Zomer Yoga goes to Ibiza!
Come spend a week with us in a beautiful villa overlooking the peaceful countryside and spend your days relaxing, cleansing and moving. Tap in to Ibiza’s healing vibe, connect with people, read, write, explore and return home with recharged batteries and an experience you will never forget!

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Es Vedra Yoga




fresh ghee before it solidifies and turns yellow

Centuries ago, the Ayurveda already mentioned that Ghee is “out of all oils fit for human consumption, the best to eat”.

Ghee has a cleansing effect, lowers cholesterol, boosts the immune system and promotes general vitality.

So what it this Ghee then? Lees verder