Rest in Peace Nienke Arts


We received the intensely sad sad news that on September 9th 2015 our teacher Nienke Arts (1978) has passed away. Beloved Nienke, you taught the Zomer Yoga classes with grace, humor, strength and wisdom. You said you doubted your teaching skills, which in our eyes was so unnecessary, because you were great! Of all people, we wanted yóu to teach our classes and we’re so grateful for your hard work. Dear Nienke, we hope you’ll find the peace of mind you were looking for <3

Now available: Zen by Sen sustainable yoga wear


I’m so proud to tell you that on June 5th Zen by Sen, our new webshop, was officially launched! When being on the mat (almost) daily, I wanted to be able to switch between pairs of leggings, preferably sustainable ones, made out of recycled materials. I found that the leggings in The Netherlands were either organic, but then in just 1 colour, or very colorful, but then not sustainably produced.
And I wanted both. This is what happened next. Lees verder

Dry Skin Brushing for Beauty & Health

dry brushingHere is another fast, cheap and effective way to take care of your body, inside and out! Before I jump in the shower in the morning, I use a natural brush to get my system going and to help my lymphatic system to remove toxins from my body. Next to oil pulling, dry brushing is another powerful ayurvedic way to keep your body as healthy as possible. Here is how it works. Lees verder

Three things to love in November

yoga_movemberNovember is the month known as Movember, where men grow a moustache to give men’s health more attention. Speaking of health, November is also the month in which many people catch a cold or the flu.  Next to that we spend a lot of time indoors. So let’s have a look at what we can do in this November to stay healthy and to get a new energy boost. Three things I love this November.

Lees verder

Zomer Yoga goes Indoor from September 16th


Zomer Yoga Nijmegen goes indoor, starting this September. The classes will place in the artistic industrial building of DZIGA, located at the Honigcomplex, Waalbandijk 20, right next to the Waal. I love the area where more and more (cultural) activities and initiatives are carried out, such as het Zomerkwartier and de Meesterproef. So I’m happy to go there!

TUESDAYS – Regular classes

The outdoor classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays will continue until the end of September. This means that the Tuesday class will continue outdoors until we move  indoors from September 16th onwards.

NEW! WEDNESDAYS – Foundation course

We will start with a 14 week Yoga Foundation course on Wednesdays from 18.45 – 20.15 hours. This course is especially for those who want to start with Yoga or for those who already have some experience but would like to establish a stronger foundation in asanas, breathing exercises and meditation.

Because I love to show you the new place, the first sessions on September 16th and 17th will be FREE of charge!

So lets turn inwards as well as indoors 🙂

See for more information indoor zomer yoga 

Inspiring Guest Teachers from August 3rd – August 14th

From July 31st till August 16th I’ll be enjoying the summer abroad, working on my own yoga practice, as well as on some good relaxation.
This however does not mean that Zomer Yoga Nijmegen is closed for these two weeks. Au contraire 🙂

Vrksasana - Boom

There will be three inspiring guest teachers during my absence, each of them for two sessions and each of them with their own style.

Ellen Hansort

Sundays August 3rd and 10th from 17.00 – 18.15 hours in park Brakkenstein. Guest teacher: Ellen Hansort. Ellen is a yoga teacher at stichting De Opstap and her classes have a dynamic character.
This will be a Dutch spoken class.


On Tuesdays August 5th and 12th from 19.00 – 20.15 hours on the Waal beach (gather at the wobbly pedestrian bridge) Nienke Arts will be teaching. Nienke combines classical yoga positions with inspiration from ashtanga yoga and the five Tibetans.

She focuses on breathing while standing in various yoga positions which she puts in a certain order, all together making a flow in movement. Sometimes including breathing exercises at the end of the class, before meditating. Mostly given on music, but when doing yoga outside focusing on the natural sounds of the wind, birds and the river, besides the focus on the breath. Nienke did a three year teacher training and went to India.


Anna Galema

On Thursdays August 7th and 14th from 19.00 – 20.15 hours in park Brakkenstein, your guest teacher will be Anna Galema. Anna is a enthusiastic teacher in Beek and in her classes she focuses on awareness of the body as well as on creating flexibility and building strength.


If you want to join one or more of their classes, please send a message to or leave a message on the Zomer Yoga Nijmegen facebook page. 

My first session afther my holidays will be on Sunday August 17th at 17.00 hours in park Brakkenstein.

Meanwhile, enjoy the yoga variety!

Healthy Cookies

Healthy cookiesHaving a new oven sounded like the perfect excuse to try out a new mix of good ingredients and to transform them into tasty cookies. They turned out very well I must say 🙂

I preheated the oven (180 degrees Celsius) and started mixing all the ingredients.


200 grams of almond flour | 2 eggs | 2 handfuls of a mix of raisins, goji berries, cranberries and walnuts | 1 banana | some honey | ground ginger, cloves, cardemom, cinnamon ( or use ‘speculaaskruiden’) | some salt | coconut flour to make the dough less sticky. Use as much as you think you need.

I made one big sausage-like roll and cut it into slices to make nice round cookies. Put the cookies in the oven for around 20 minutes and enjoy!

I scream ICE CREAM

IJSJESSummertime means popsicle time! This very easy to make recipe is free of sugar, but full of taste and all-organic freshness.

What’s in this one?
– one mango
– one banana
– 100 ml almond milk
– blueberries
– gojiberries
– dried cranberries
– some protein powder vanilla taste
– coconut flakes

The easy part: Blend the mango, banana, milk, half of the blueberries and the protein powder. And to have ice cream with a bite, add the rest of the berries and the coconut just before pouring the mixture into the molds.

Then comes the hard part: waiting until the freezer has done it’s work..

There are many more varieties to try, and I’m sure that such experiments will hardly ever go wrong 😉