Zomer Yoga Nijmegen

OUTDOOR ZOMER YOGA (mei – september)

Each summer we have outdoor yoga in one of the parks and on the Waalstrand. A relaxed way to start or end your day.

The season is from May till September and the classes take place when the weather allows us, which means dry and at least 16 degrees celsius.






ASHTANGA/HATHA – all levels
Every class has a similar structure, always giving room to go deeper into your practice and to see your progression. It enhances concentration and flexibility and gives you room to grow in your practice.
Build up of the sessions: concentration – sun salutation – static postures – pranayama/meditation – relaxation.

VINYASA FLOW – all levels
Vinyasa flow yoga means moving in a flow throughout the class. This style will bring you more easily in a state of concentration and will make you feel refreshed and relaxed by the end of the session. There can be a different flow every class, but there is flow for sure, linking all the postures to each other in a built up sequence. A typical class consists of concentration, flow postures and relaxation.

RELAXING YOGA – all levels
This is an easy going Hatha based flow class, as a relaxed way to start your weekend after a long week of hard work.