Workshop backbends

Backbend workshop Sandra Botman

How is your posture when reading this text? Many of us spend most of our days in a forward bend, with a round spine and collapsing shoulders. This inhibits a healthy breathing pattern and could lead to back problems. But our backs are designed to move in all directions!

In this backbend workshop we will bring the movement and flexibility back, which will result in a healthy back and a better energy flow.

The goal is a healthy back, so no (extra) back pain 😉 That’s why there is a lot of attention going to the technique of moving towards the final backbend. This will also help you prevent lower back pain in poses like cobra.

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Handstand workshop

Handstand Sandra Botman

The handstand is one of the most admired yet one of the most feared yoga poses. Why? Because most people don’t think they can master it. And we are about to change that!

In this workshop you will build a strong foundation for working towards handstand. We will do this by looking at the different elements that are important in working towards the pose. By doing so you will notice that the pose, but your confidence too, will improve a lot!

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Goal setting: teaching handstand at Yoga Festival Amsterdam

handstand zomer yoga nijmegenDo you also know the feeling that it can sometimes be so hard to motivate yourself to do something?

I am the kind of person that needs a goal and time pressure in order to get going. Without a goal I tend to procrastinate, which can result in a feeling of dissatisfaction at the end of the day, when I have not done as much as I wanted to do. Lees verder