Handstand workshop

Handstand Sandra Botman

The handstand is one of the most admired yet one of the most feared yoga poses. Why? Because most people don’t think they can master it. And we are about to change that!

In this workshop you will build a strong foundation for working towards handstand. We will do this by looking at the different elements that are important in working towards the pose. By doing so you will notice that the pose, but your confidence too, will improve a lot!

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New class – Strong Core Yoga

Strong Core YogaIn February, we will start with two extra classes: a Strong Core Yoga class on Tuesdays from 20.15 – 21.30 and a Flow Hatha Yoga class on Wednesdays from 20.15 – 21.30 hours. The Flow Hatha Yoga class is the same as the one on Tuesday at 18.45. The Strong Core Hatha Yoga class is new. Having a strong core can really boost your practice and has many benefits. Lees verder