Workshop “Start with Yoga”

Workshop beginners yoga Do you want to start with yoga? Because you want to get more flexible, feel less stress, to sleep better, get a better health, to lose weight or just because you are curious?

Then the workshop “Start with Yoga” is perfect for you! In this two and a half hour workshop you will learn about yoga and the basic techniques to make you feel ready to join the regular Zomer Yoga Nijmegen classes. Next to that you can take 4 classes in October (worth 40 euros) for 50 euros! This way you make a great start and it gives you time to discover which style suits you most.

Contents of the workshop
– What is yoga and what does it do for you?
– Breathing techniques that relax you or give you more energy
– Explanation and practice of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations, the basis for every yoga practice.
– Learn the right technique of the most frequently used yoga poses (standing, balancing poses, seated poses for flexibility, backbends and twists for more energy and a healthy back)
– Get familiar with meditation, a proven way to reduce stress
– Room for asking all questions you have about yoga, the techniques etc.

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for everyone that wants to know more about yoga and who would like to make a great start. Are you already a member of Zomer Yoga Nijmegen and do you want to join to deepen or refresh your practice? Than you are more than welcome too! Joining this workshop costs in that case 17,50 euro.

When: Sunday October 4th
Time: 14.00 – 16.30 hours
Costs: € 50, – for a 2.5 hour workshop + 4 classes in October. Zomer Yoga Nijmegen members pay 17,50 for the workshop.
Signing up: Send an email to Your spot is reserved if your payment has been received. Bank details: IBAN: NL29ASNB0708270972 t.n.v. A.C. Botman. Please mention your first and last name.


Start Indoorseizoen bij Dziga

Na een mooie lange zomer is de herfst zo langzamerhand zijn intrede aan het doen. Tijd voor een nieuw binnenseizoen Zomer Yoga Nijmegen! Vanaf woensdag 7 oktober gaan we weer van start bij Dziga op het Honigterrein. Ik heb een hele mooie en leerzame reis naar Thailand achter de rug waarin ik ondergedompeld werd in -en groot fan ben geworden van – de Ashtanga yoga. Deze invloed zal te merken zijn in de lessen op de maandag. Op woensdag brengen we de flow erin met een fijne vinyasales.

Het rooster zal er als volgt uitzien:

Maandag 19.00 – 20.15 | Hatha/Ashtanga (alle niveaus) – start 12 oktober
Woensdag 19.00 – 20.15 | Vinyasa (alle niveaus) – start 7 oktober


Zomer Yoga in August

I will be leaving for Thailand in August and September, to receive more yoga training and to come back with a lot of new inspiration for you! Due to my absence, the schedule will look a bit different in August.

Nienke Arts will be teaching on Mondays and Wednesdays in August (starting August 3rd and ending August 31st) in park Brakkenstein from 19:00 – 20.15 hours

In case of bad weather on Wednesday, Nienke has an indoor option (click here for map) Nienke combines classical yoga positions with inspiration from power yoga, ashtanga yoga and the five Tibetans.

She focuses on breathing while standing in various yoga positions which she puts in a certain order, all together making a flow in movement. Sometimes including breathing exercises at the end of the class, before meditating. Mostly given on music, but when doing yoga outside focusing on the natural sounds of the wind, birds and the river, besides the focus on the breath. Nienke did a three year teacher training and went to India and I’m happy she is willing to teach @ Zomer Yoga Nijmegen for us!

The classes are for all levels. Don’t forget to register for Nienkes classes if you want to join. Classes take place when the weather allows us and with at least 4 yogis.